Supreme Court cancel the deadline of linking Aadhaar card till next verdict

Supreme Court cancel the deadline of linking Aadhaar card till next verdict

Last date of linking Aadhaar card to the different services welfare schemes operated by government extended till the Supreme Court passes final verdict on the validity of Aadhar card.


On tuesday the Supreme Court extended the deadline of linking of Aadhaar to get various service from 31 march to until it passes its verdict. The Supreme court also noted that Aadhaar could not be made necessary for issuance of a Tatkal passport, for now.

A five judge Constitution bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra extended the last date after the Centre told it had already submitted that they were ready to extend the 31 march deadline to linking of the national biometric identifier with the services and schemes.

The extension of deadline would also apply on the necessary linking of Aadhaar card with the mobile phone numbers and bank accounts.

“The deadline for Aadhaar card holders to link their PAN cards for taxation purposes will also be extended until verdict of the case as this linkage was mandated by Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, 2000 and not Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act,” SFLC added.

The Aadhaar complete case :

Dec 12 2017 : last date of linking aadhaar card with bank accounts pan card and other services extended from 31 dec 2017 to march 31 2018.
Dec 15 2017 : Deadline to link aadhaar card with the new back accounts and mobile number extended to 31 march 2018.
March 13 2018 : Last date linking of aadhar card with mobile and other services and schemes extended to next verdict.

However to oepn the new bank account or applying for Tatkal passports Aadhaar will be required, and the date has extended for existing bank accounts and PAN which is to be link with aadhaar.

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  1. Is Aadhaar mandatory for applying new PAN card(49A/49AA) after Supreme Court Verdict? If someone haven’t apply aadhaar, he/she can’t apply for new PAN? If someone expert suggest grateful to him/her.

  2. Very good judgement by Supreme Court I salute the supreme court everywhere government is harassment required the Aadhar card what is the means of Aadhar card yes it is good but people are awareness of this card

  3. It’s very proper to stay till the final judgement. No govt money will be wasted. It’s not proper to emphasise when a case is pending. Otherwise it will be prejudiced. Heaven is not going to fall.

  4. Its a bad verdict. Rampant pilferage of govt funds to an extent was contained. Now it will be go as you like do what ever ypu want.

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